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Building Christ’s Family

What will it mean for Christians in churches across the country to be family to those who are separated by land, sea, politics, conflict or religion from their own physical family?

Access, Encounter, Witness and Mutual Blessing

In Mark 7:24-36, we see 2 different ways in which people seek access to Jesus here which may help us in our thinking around how we, as church family, welcome, receive, and encourage into a flourishing those new believers from Muslim background who are coming, now in increasing numbers, with a desire to follow Jesus.

We Are Family

Jesus’ words remind us that there are two types of family: the birth family and the chosen family. This is certainly the case for believers from a Muslim background.

Overcoming Our Pride and Prejudice

As God blesses and brings people from all sorts of cultures and backgrounds, can we in fact become again the dynamic, flexible, courageous, fluid, responsive church of that early period? Or are we simply stuck?