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Be Equipped

There are 3 main ways that we can help in the discipleship and care for believers of Muslim backgrounds:

  1. Provide resources to equip you to disciple BMBs
  2. Provide seminars to train the people in your church
  3. Put you in touch with people who have experience and expertise in the discipleship of BMBs

Keep an eye on this page as we will be providing extra articles and resources for you to help you deal with really specific issues such as:

  • How to support Under 18s who come from a Muslim background
  • What to do when the BMB you know is in need of accommodation in a safe place due to difficulties with Muslim family and community
  • How to support BMB friends who suffer with mental health problems
  • How to help BMB friends find the right fellowship or church for them
  • And more…

Going Deeper

 Word of Life offer training specifically for the Come Follow Me course. More information can be found here.