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What is the Joining The Family course?


Our resources were developed in partnership with Interserve and Carfax Media, with additional valued help from Elam Ministries and the Mahabba Network. 

The resources include:

  • a film-based discussion course, whose strength is the way it prioritises the voice of believers of Muslim heritage.  In the film clips they give the main input.
  • a book which builds on the course material but goes into greater depth and may be read alongside the course or separately.
  • seminar materials

The course consists of 6 sessions of informative teaching and inspiring testimonies. The teaching content comes from 25 interviews with believers of Muslim background and experienced mentors speaking from the heart. Tim Green and Mojdeh Hawkesley co-present the course, with Roxy and Tim as co-authors of the accompanying book.

NEW FOR 2022: We will be releasing a shorter version of the course to make it easier for groups meeting online to study together.  Please contact us for more information. 

What is the Course Design?

Course objectives are for local church members to:

  • Compassionately understand issues that believers of Muslim background face.
  • Be equipped to ‘be family’ for these believers, caring for them and helping them grow in Christ.
  • Learn from them and be enriched by their insights, ministry gifts and cultures.

Course method: The course combines film interviews with guided discussion in small groups. Each session ends with a practical learning activity to do before next time.

Course content: The six sessions cover the following topics:

  1. Journeys to Jesus (the testimonies of Muslims turning to Jesus)
  2. The Pearl of Great Price (the cost and joys of following Christ)
  3. Welcome to the Family (how local churches can ‘be family’ for these believers)
  4. Being transformed (how believers grow in Christ and how we can help)
  5. A blessing for our churches (how we can benefit from what these believers bring us)
  6. Ambassadors for Jesus (believers relating to their Muslim families and communities)

Wherever possible these groups will include one or more believers of Muslim background so that others can learn directly from their insights and deepen the mutual friendships.

Where can I buy the course?

Joining the Family is part of a trio of resources, designed to:

  • equip the church to reach out to Muslims  – Friendship First
  • welcome BMBs into the church family  – Joining The Family
  • disciple them to grow in their faith – Come Follow Me

Friendship First and Joining the Family are published by Kitab-Interserve resources and can be bought here:

Joining the Family is part of the charity Word of Life, who publish the Come Follow Me course. It can be bought here:

Have you done the course?

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