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Book a seminar

Does your church have believers from Muslim backgrounds?
Would you like some introductory training to help you to understand their needs?

We can help by coming to your church to run a bespoke seminar suited to your group. See below a sample outline of a programme we have used before.

If you would like to book a seminar contact us here and one of our trainers will be in touch as soon as possible.


Sample outline programme

Arrival and registration
Here, or beforehand, participants may write what they hope to gain from the seminar.

Session 1: What is life like for a new believer from Muslim background?
9.45 – Welcome, Introductions, Aims and expectations
9.55 – “The Church as God’s family”
10.05 – “What life was like for me as a new believer”
10.25 – “What challenges do believers from Muslim background often face?”
10.40 – Feedback and Q&A

Coffee Break
(and booktable provided by Kitab)

Session 2: How can we ‘be family’ to believers from Muslim background?
11.30 – “Who and what helped me grow in Christ”:
a. What did churches do that was helpful and not helpful
b. Personal comment
11.50 – Welcoming and helping new believers….
11.55 – “Supporting believers in their new identity, community and lifestyle”
12.15 – “How can we welcome and help believers from Muslim background?”
a. How can we help as individuals?  in groups of 3 or 4
b. How can we help as a church?
12.25 – Feedback and Q&A
12.45 – Notices and Next Steps
12.55 – “What has God said to you this morning?” in groups of 3 or 4 and then pray.