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Coffee, croissants and the Jesus family

God is answering the prayers of many over years and now there are churches across the country grappling with the joy and the challenge of welcoming Believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) into the church ’family’. In order to assist us in this the Joining the Family Resource is available so that we begin to understand their needs, support them as they grow in Christ and learn how to be members of the family of God together.

Baptism: What it really means!!!

One day I was asked by a church leader to meet with a new believer and help her to think about whether it was the right time to get baptised and whether she should tell her husband about her new faith. I sat with her and listened to her story of how she came to faith after years of searching and reading the Bible.

The Trio of Friendship

As I got on the London underground, a man said: “Are you the Friendship First guy?” He was a British Christian, weary of the popular anti-Muslim narrative, which ‘rehearses the darkness’ but offers no solutions. The past 25 years of my life have been given to providing solutions – here’s how it happened…