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Building Christ’s Family

What will it mean for Christians in churches across the country to be family to those who are separated by land, sea, politics, conflict or religion from their own physical family?

Working towards a shared place of belonging

As the western church welcomes increasing numbers of new believers from a Muslim background there is great joy and a rising hope that others will follow. But a wrestling with what it means to welcome, mentor into active discipleship and fully embrace the contribution Believers from a Muslim Background have to offer must be an inevitable part of the task of building this new community of belonging.

Coffee, croissants and the Jesus family

God is answering the prayers of many over years and now there are churches across the country grappling with the joy and the challenge of welcoming Believers from a Muslim background (BMBs) into the church ’family’. In order to assist us in this the Joining the Family Resource is available so that we begin to understand their needs, support them as they grow in Christ and learn how to be members of the family of God together.