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“Conversion is paradoxical. It is elusive. It is inclusive. It destroys and it saves. Conversion is sudden and it is gradual. It is created totally by the action of God, and it is created totally by the action of humans. Conversion is personal and communal, private and public. It is both passive and active. It is a retreat from the world. It is a resolution of conflict and an empowerment to go into the world and to confront, if not create, conflict. Conversion is an event and a process. It is an ending and a beginning. It is final and open-ended. Conversion leaves us devastated—and transformed.”

L R Rambo.

Who are we, the ones who come from Muslim backgrounds, who are we, what do we look like to you? Who am I in relationship to you? How did I hear about Jesus? How did he speak to me?

He spoke to me as a Muslim girl, in the stumbling words of a vicar, in the enthusiasm of a teacher and the love of old ladies. He spoke to me through the body language, the spoken words, the language of love all of us understand. The language of heaven. He spoke to me through The Word! But without people I may not have met Jesus and may not have said yes to following him and I definitely wouldn’t still be here today, following him.

I first heard about Jesus’ love from the vicar of the local church who came into school every week to do an assembly or an RE lesson. He talked about Jesus and used puppets to play out the parables and other stories about Jesus and I listened wide-eyed at how this Holy man Jesus loved children and was not annoyed or frustrated by them as other adults around me were.

I first saw Jesus’ love in my teacher at 6th form college who was full of his love as she talked about Him and told me he loved me.

I first experienced Jesus’ love when I was 16yrs old, in the same teacher & her family who accepted me into there home and loved me and gave me time to heal and believed in me. And I decided to follow Jesus on Christmas Eve those many years ago.

Underestimating the part we play in the decision Muslims make to follow Jesus is an easy mistake to make but hard to dispute whenever we hear the testimony of new believers. Wherever you live life you have the potential to speak, share, live out love. When you live a life of love it changes people around you. Conversion as the quote says above “is created totally by the action of God and totally by the action of humans”. I believe we can all love Muslim people and for me love in action, love lived out, love spoken, are the best ways to tell the story of Jesus because his is THE story of love, the best story of love!!!

Throughout my life as a believer of Muslim background I have been discipled well by those who have been in my church, in different denominations. By discipleship I mean I have been pointed towards Jesus & his work & life by the people who have walked with me. Much of this has happened in a one to one mentoring relationship, being part of small groups & through friendships with mature believers. For me discipleship is about growing into the person God wants me to be, becoming more like him in every aspect of my life. Knowing my identity in Christ, belonging to His family and playing my part in seeing the Kingdom come on earth. And that is my prayer for all believers especially those who come from a Muslim background.

I am the coordinator for Joining the family and would love to work with churches and agencies that want to disciple believers from Muslim backgrounds.

If we can be of any help to you and your church please do not hesitate to contact me at joiningthefamily@gmail.com

May you know Jesus with you in this new year!

Many Thanks


PS: If you would like to partner with us either in prayer or financial giving then please do get in touch at joiningthefamily@gmail.com